Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HyunA Shows Support For Young Girl Group GP Basic

Hey Everyone!
Recently HyunA from Kpop group 4minute showed her support for young girl group GP Basic.
HyunA met the girls from group GP Basic backstage at “Music Core” last week and gave them some advice.
She told youngest member Janey, “I feel like I’m looking at a younger version of myself when I see your amazing dance and rap skills. I know there will be hard times, but if you keep working hard, there will good days ahead. Don’t give up and try your best.”
The members have commented, “We’re fans of HyunA unnie so we were really touched by the fact that she approached us and talked to us. We’ve been going through hard times because of some anti-fans, but we will keep working hard with more strength.”

I think that's so sweet of HyunA to talk with them backstage & I do agree that member Janey does feel like a young version of HyunA.
It would be cool to see HyunA team up with them in a new song!

Photo: Cube Entertainment & GP Basic Entertainment


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