Friday, July 1, 2011

HyunA Performs The Tango On TV Show ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Hey Lovelies,
As Kpop 4minute’s HyunA is on the show "Dancing With The Stars" she became the main character of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’, as she showed a gorgeous couple tango performance on the July 1st  episode.
HyunA performed last week her sexy "Cha-ChaCha Routine, & once again had the audience fall in love with her newest performance for the tango.
Omg she looked so extra flawless as she has slighty tanned skin for her solo comeback.
But during the night, the judges weren’t as easily impressed.
Judge Nam Kyung Joo stated, “It did not look the musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’ but more like a fight between the two people. I wish HyunA expressed more innocence and fright like the character Christine. Also, during the performance, the composure was broken.” Hwang Sung Woo stated, “I had the feeling that HyunA was being chased around.” Lastly, Kim Joo Won stated, “I think my expectations of HyunA were high. I saw a lot of shakiness throughout the dance.”.
As for the total score, HyunA recieved a 6, 5, and a 6, making a total score of 17.
A bit low I would say. :(

Check out the performance below:



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