Saturday, July 2, 2011

Park Bom Performs Their Hit New Single "I Cheated" With G-Dragon And Park Myung Soo On Infinity Challenge

Hey Everyone!
As I have just mentioned in my last post that 2NE1’s Park Bom have teamed up with GG’s (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo’s duo) song “I’m Having an Affair“.  They have another surprise...
The episode of the Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival aired on the 2nd, and Park Bom made a surprise appearance on the show. OMG DOUBLE ABC! SO AMAZING!!
Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon were having a wicked time on stage to “I’m Having an Affair” when Park Bom made everyone's jaws drop as she joined in with the two to continue performing the hit new single.
WOW! words cannot even describe how amazing Park Bom goes with G-Dargon & Park Myung Soo.
She's so gorgeous & her singing is UNBELIEVABLE. (Her Outfit = Super HOT!)
G-Dragon said in an interview afterwards, “I hired Park Bom as a secret weapon”. Park Bom added, “I couldn’t even go to the bathroom because I had to hide the whole time.”
(How CUTE!)
Park Myung Soo also stated in the interview, “I want people who look like these two to promote with. I’m looking for look-a-likes. Contact me at”
Also a quick annsouement.. the song "I Cheated" is already #1 various music portals!!

Check out the jaw dropping performance below:



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