Sunday, July 31, 2011

Koda Kumi Upcoming 51st single “Ai wo Tomenaide” Will Release In September

Hey Beauties!
Koda Kumi to release her 51st single “Ai wo Tomenaide” on September 21st.
The new single will come in three different versions: CD, CD+DVD, and Movie Tie-Up (CD).
“Ai wo Tomenaide” is said to be the love ballad for a major blockbuster movie scheduled to hit theatees soon. The track has been described to be an everlasting song that will be even greater than “Ai no Uta” and “Suki de, Suki de, Suki de”.
Some fans will have already heard the coupling track, “You are not alone”, which was performed at Koda Kumi’s 60-stop hall tour called, “Koda Kumi Live Tour 2011 ~Dejavu~”. The CD-only edition will include the original version of “You are not alone”, whereas the DVD edition will include a live version of the song.
The track was written immediately after the Tohoku Earthquake in March, so Koda Kumi has a strong emotional attachment to it. It encourages people to take each others’ hands and live during these difficult times.
This upcoming release I'm REALLY excited for!
Cannot wait to hear all the songs.

Check out the tracklist below:

01. Ai wo Tomenaide

02. You are not alone (Original version)


01. Ai wo Tomenaide

02. You are not alone (Live version)


01. Ai wo Tomenaide

*Other goodies are also planned for this DVD*

01. Ai wo Tomenaide

02. A specially arranged track

*Other songs are also planned for this CD*



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