Saturday, July 9, 2011

HyunA Performs “Bubble Pop!” Comeback On ‘Music Core’

Hey Everyone!
HyunA had performance on "Music Core" this week.
She sang her intro "Attention" & in hiphop chic fashion.
Sexy & Cute HyunA had the crowd loving her.. as she "POPPED!" out of a "Bubble" on the stage as she made her entrance for her single "Bubble Pop"!
The stage is amazingly super cute & fun & fresh for the summertime. Also the lighting shows GREAT colors, Which complement HyunA beautifully!
I adore her outfits so much in this performance.
P.S. The green socks are super cute! :)

Check out her sexy/cute performance below: (“Bubble bubble bubble POP!“)

Source: Youtube
Photo: Youtube


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