Sunday, July 31, 2011

Koda Kumi Releases NEW Music Video for "V.I.P."

Hey Everyone!
As the release day is coming soon of Jpop's Top Sexiest pop star Koda Kumi's 50th single "4 Times",
the gorgeous singer/dancer has JUST released her SUPER SEXY music video for her new single “V.I.P.“.

The theme of “4 TIMES“, which  releases on August 10th, is showing the 4 main time blocks in a day, and this song “V.I.P.” is a track which is showing the for "late night partygoers", and this music video delivers a fabulous right on the dot perfection. A VERY Sexy Filled music video full of Kumi in ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS FASHION while dancing very sexy and fun and beautiful stunning makeup and jewelry!
This music will be sure to get Kumi & Jpop fans talking and excited to see what she brings in her next music video!
It's going to go into my ALL TIME TOP favorite Kumi Music videos.
I can't wait to see!!
LOVING THIS "V.I.P." MUSIC VIDEO Kumi! The Colors and Production is SO FREAKING AMAZING!.

Check out the music video below:

Source: Youtube
Photos: The Screenshot of Kumi's website is from her OFFICIAL WEBSITE and the Music Video Photo's are from Youtube


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