Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion Fix: HyunA VS f(x)’s Krystal (Fashion Face Off)

Hey Dolls!
Today these two beautiful kpop singers went head to head in a fashion face off.
These two top female idols have been caught in the same shirt!
HyunA wearing a red cropped shirt for her ‘Bubble Pop!’ photo shoot and music video. 
While a Similar style can be seen with, f(x)’s Krystal who was also seen in a short-sleeved version of the same shirt in an album photo shoot for f(x)’s recent ‘Pinocchio’ album.
The question is... Who wore it best? Which lady's style do you prefer?
Both ladies look very simply sexy. But I would say that my vote goes to...
HyunA, I adore her very out there uber sexiness and while wearing a easy simple style outfit.
A very eye popping cute/sexy outfit perfect for the summer months & very goes well with her new album "Bubble Pop!".

If you would like to know where HyunA got this bright & cute top, I listed it below:
The top is made by LA based brand Joyrich. 
The long-sleeved shirt retails for $66 USD, and the short-sleeved version is $48 USD.
A affordable outfit for the hot weather, would look very cute on you while shopping this summer.

Photo: Cube Entertainment & SM Entertainment


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