Thursday, July 14, 2011

HyunA Performs “Bubble Pop!” Comeback On ‘M! Countdown’

Hey Everyone!
The super sexy HyunA had everyone chatting up a storm when she dropped her super hot Music video for her new song “Bubble Pop!".
Now HyunA recently hit up the stage of "M! Countdown" and performed "Attention" & "Bubble Pop!" with a extra sexy twist!
She seemed extra sexy fun & smiley on this performance, she must have been having a extra good day!
It really showed in her performance.
Easily said this is her BEST PERFORMANCE YET for her new hit single "Bubble Pop!".
Her outfit is really hot too! 
Wearing a white tied tee shirt, bright orange bra, tight blue jeans, & killer hot purple pumps!
She looks really nice.

Check out her performance below:

Source: Youtube
Photo: M! Countdown & Youtube


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