Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue Menu (Superstore) - Smoothie Fruit Bars - mango peach

I recently picked up a couple of new products while at Superstore, one is today's post.
Blue Menu - Smoothie Fruit Bars in the flavor mango peach.
Made with real fruit and 80 calories per bar.
I love the ingredients don't have unnecessary things in it, just Fruit Purees and Water pretty much.
These are great, and I wasn't expecting much because of the Superstore brand "Blue Menu".
But saying that, I actually have been impressed with the quality and selection of products from the Blue Menu label!
These Fruit Bars are very tasty, very fresh mango & peach flavor like you just made them homemade.
I also liked the ice-ness on the outside of the bar, very refreshing!
Great treat for laying out by the pool..
Looking forward to the other flavors for this collection. :)


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