Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Favorites: The Album Of The Moment

Good Morning..
I wanted to share with you the album of the moment..
Been playing this album for the morning,
I think this album is full of so many hits really makes a nice start to the day & here are some of my top favorite songs.. "Intro", "Make Love", "Come Be My Lady", "Haru Haru", "So Beautiful", & "Everything".

Here is the track-list:
1. Intro
2. Number 1
3. Make Love (English)
4. Come Be My Lady (English)
5. Haru Haru
6. With U (English)
7. How Gee (English)
8. Baby Baby (English)
9. So Beautiful (English)
10. Remember (English)
11. Heaven
12. Everything (English)
13. Always (English)
14. Candle (Together Forever) (Japanese)

Be sure to check out this album if you haven't heard it yet.


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