Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Karmin Releases New Album Today Titled "Hello" (Review)

Hey Lovelies.
Karmin the pop musical duo has released their first album today titled "Hello".
You probably have heard their catchy single "Brokenhearted" on the radio.. in stores... EVERYWHERE!! I have been addicted to it ever since it's release and so excited for their album!
Amy and Nick are such a fabulous and sweet couple, their music is VERY fun and fresh.. original sound too which I love (Amy's Voice is so incredible!!)..  also they both wrote all the songs on the album.. here is the track listing of "Hello":

1. "Walking on the Moon"
2. "Brokenhearted"
3. "I Told You So"
4. "Too Many Fish"
5. "I'm Just Sayin"
6. "Coming Up Strong"
7. "Hello"

My favorite tracks are "Brokenhearted", "Walking On the Moon" & "I Told You So"
Be sure to check out "Hello" the new album I'm loving.. from Karmin today!


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