Monday, May 21, 2012

PBS KIDS GO! - Three Brand-New Arthur Episodes Air May 23-25, 2012

Hi My Beautiful Readers.
Wanted to let you know about this very fun bit of information!
Did you watch the children's t.v. show Arthur as a kid? Or maybe still watching it?
Well I was and am still a adorer of the show.. it's very cute and the brother/sister relationship is super cute between Arthur and D.W. So.. be sure to check out the
Three Brand-New Arthur Episodes Air May 23-25, 2012 on PBS KIDS GO!
One episode is about Arthur getting new glasses, which is one I'm kind of undecided about.. because I feel his glasses totally made him the "young & cute look" but I guess the things about growing up is changing your look so I'm excited to see that one.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
"Muffy's Classy Classics Club" - Muffy buys all of the pretty books and pretty dolls in the Pretty Pioneers series, and invites her friends to join a pretty book club. But she can't take their criticisms that the books are, well, rather poorly written. Will the book club disband or can Muffy open up to new literary experiences?

"Best Enemies" - Mom has new clients coming over and they have a daughter who is D.W.'s age....and her name is even W.D.! They're going to be the best of friends! Turns out, no. They don't have anything in common. So D.W. and W.D. work together to convince their parents that they'll just never get along...and somehow, have a lot of fun in the process.

Thursday, May 24, 2012
"Buster's Garden of Grief" - With Fritz gone, Buster is in charge of the community garden, but it proves to be too much for just one person. Can Buster and his friends put the "community" back in community gardening or will it end up getting paved over?

Through the Looking Glasses
"Through the Looking Glasses" - Arthur can't find his glasses and has to get new ones, but all the attention he is getting from these new hipper glasses has gone straight to his head! Buster figures that it's up to him to get the old Arthur back.

Friday, May 25, 2012
"The Butler Did...What?" - Bailey is missing! He just left, leaving no note. With the help of the Baxter Detective Agency, Muffy discovers a series of old class picture, a receipt for a trumpet and old jazz albums. And Muffy is left wondering, who exactly IS Bailey? And-will he ever come back!?

"The Trouble with Trophies" - Everyone loves getting trophies, right?  It turns out that Fern could not care less about them.  Yet Muffy is convinced that Fern must be despairing about never having won anything, and she sets out to give Fern a prize no matter what....whether Fern wants it or not.

Check out the links below to find out when Find out when ARTHUR is on in your town.

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