Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello Venus Releases New Mini-Album Today Titled "Venus" (Review)

Hello Venus the 6 member South Korean Girl Group has just released their new debut mini-album titled "Venus".

A very little but fun debut mini album from the girls.. looking forward to more music from them soon!

Pledis Entertainment is the same label that "After School" is under.. so I wonder if the future will be that big for the new Hello Venus? Only time can tell.. but a good first 4 songs I feel!
On "Venus".. First is the addicting (my favorite!) & super fun "Hello"a catchy electronica introduction that I wish was a bit longer!, "Excitement" featuring the girls ballad vocals, and their title track "Venus", which is a playful & cute track (loving it!)... Lastly is a fast paced track perfectly titled "Love Appeal".

Be sure to check out "Venus" the new mini-album from Hello Venus today!


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